Give your customers the option to wait in line wherever and however they choose.

They can be remotely notified via their mobile device when their number is coming up; thus allowing them to hold a spot in line from anywhere. Save your customers time, and they will thank you for it.

  • 100% FREE Digital Signage and 100% FREE Customer line management
  • Customers can join the line over the web, through QR, email or physical on location
  • Verification id ensures each customer can be verified before being served
  • Unlimited customer lines and real time Line control for your business
  • Employee portal with a flexible UI for queue management
  • Collect statistics including average customer service and call times
  • Based on an open source client that」s entirely customizable
  • Support for multiple lines per location and multiple employee terminals
  • Web based as well as App for customer notification

Video introduction

eliminate customer lines forever...

How does this work?

Your customers request a position in-line over the web or physically at the location of business. They can check status on their position in-line via a web page, mobile app or through email and SMS notifications. At the same time your business can continue and accept walk-ins. Employees (tellers) can call the next person in line for a specified line id. The system supports multiple lines and multiple terminals so you can serve your customers in the most efficient manner. Statistics are collected to generate reports on how well and how fast your customers are served.

Best of all, FasterQueue is fully integrated with」s StudioLite, so you can easily mix your Digital Signage presentation with customer queue management, all right on the same screen.

Food At Your Fingertips


Use StudioLite to create an engaging digital signage presentation and enable FasterQueue on the same campaign



Install the SignagePlayer in one or more regular HDMI screens using our Microsoft Windows or Android devices



Your customers are now better informed through digital signage and spend last time waiting in-line thanks to FasterQueue


FasterQueue is a front end open source project that is available under MIT license from GitHub. You can customize the front end application or contact for a quote on custom development to fulfil your feature requirements.

open source

you can fork the entire project on directly GitHub


you can hire us to create a custom solution for your business needs


use the App to help customers stay notified on their position in-line


FasterQueue is powered by the mediaCLOUD so it's easy to start

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